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We all have fears. We all fear certain things, people or activities. I am not an exception and you all probably already got from my previous post about my fears. I got so many people replying and commenting on that post that they can relate to those fears as well and others even told their fears that they have for a long time. And that made me think. We fear things and sometimes those fears stop us from doing the things we want to. We let them control us, our life.

It’s very hard to overcome these fears and it takes a lot of strength and faith to do so. But it is possible. And that’s what I want to talk about with you. I want you to realise that all your fears can disappear if you wanted to. I am not saying it will be easy as it really won’t. You might get a huge breakdown, you may fail, you may fear even more, but if you really try – you can make it. It’s not about how hard it is, it’s about how much do you want to live fear-free.

Even if you want to get rid of a small fear you have about something, do it. It’s okay to be scared, we are only humans. But do not be scared all your life. Do not let that feeling of weakness and vulnerability affect your happiness and well-being. Because if you do, you won’t be able to live 100% happily. And there will always be that little voice in your head that will try to make you feel so small and hopeless.

I have so many fears that I don’t think I can overcome them all in my lifetime. I fear so much that I don’t feel save at the times and simple little fears like the ones of height or water make me miss out so much fun others are having and make me think so belittle about myself. From now on I am doing all I can to stop them making my life not mine and I encourage you to.

Face your fears, take control of your life. They are not something you need to learn how to deal with, they are something you need to fight with. Living with fears isn’t an option anymore for me. And I hope it isn’t for you too. It will be difficult to get out of your comfort zone, but think about how good the outcome will be. And do it with passion and strength I know you all have.Β 


Do your fears stop you from enjoying your life fully?

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