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Recently I had a very interesting chat/debate about luck and if it exists or not. I am one of those people who firmly believe that luck does not exist. In my mind, it only exists in lotteries where people somehow win millions of dollars. Other than that everything else is a pure creation of hard work and passion. However, the other blogger we chatted with had a firm belief that luck DOES exist. And nor she and nor I was wrong. It’s just what we believe in is different. I choose to not believe in it, she chooses to. And there is nothing bad in believing or not. The only thing that you shouldn’t do is wholeheartedly depend on it. 

You have to understand that if you won’t put any effort in it, it won’t work. If you don’t make a move to get something, you won’t get it. It’s simple like that. Only believing in something won’t do a work for you. You can choose to make a step today towards your goal or stay in place and blindly believe that it will come to you by itself. 

While I respect people’s decision to believe in luck, I do not understand the blind hoping that others do. They hope and always wish that one day they will be better, that one day they will do it and one day it will happen. But they don’t do anything to try and reach it TODAY. If you don’t start doing something right now, you will always keep hoping and wishing for a better day. Why not make that better day today? 

It’s okay to believe in things, people. But it is absolutely stupid and hopeless to wholeheartedly depend on them. They can only be your guides and maybe motivators, but YOU are the one what can and will do it, change it, make it, work it. I want you all to stop right now and think: Am I doing something to make it happen? Is there really nothing I can do? I dare you to answer these questions and then go do it. Do something, do little, but don’t stand in one place and hope for it. Luck isn’t going to come and change you, your life. You will.


Do you believe in luck?

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