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Most people think that blogging is all about companies sending us, bloggers, free things and writing simple posts that bring us money. I seriously wish that blogging would work this way. But the reality is that blogging actually is damn hard thing to do and stick to. And to illustrate what I mean by ‘hard’ I made a short list of things that make blogging not all easy and not all smiles and sunshines:

Competition is everywhere

No matter how many blogging friends you have or make, there is always some kind of competition going on and that’s a fact. I am not saying that I like this but that’s how it is. Bloggers compete against each other over pageviews, readers, for a spot in the newest collaboration with brands and so on. Yes, there are few bloggers, yours truly included, that honestly are here for the passion but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be heard or seen out there.

Jealousy gets even to the best ones

With competition comes comparison. Bloggers usually start looking at others who reached more, are more successful or are doing a bit better than them and that’s what creates jealousy. It isn’t mainly that jealousy that wants other to do worse but it’s rather that form of jealousy that makes bloggers doubt themselves and the content they are providing. They start comparing themselves and their blogs to others and that usually ends with lack of motivation or confidence to keep blogging. It’s actually a very serious problem among bloggers. I can’t help but feel strongly saddened by it.

Inspiration/Motivation comes and goes

Another thing that makes bloggers’ life harder is that motivation and inspiration seem to go on vacation at the most difficult times. There are times when we have no single clue what to write about, so we start complaining and write a post about the dark side of blogging… Anywaaaays. Losing inspiration or motivation is one of the worst things that can happen to a creative soul. It feels like we lose our life purpose. Yes, that deep.

The Dark Side of Blogging | The Nerdy MeBloggers are expected to be perfect

This is one of the most common problems nowadays in the blogging community. Bloggers feel the pressure to keep a perfect image. Our bios must be perfectly crafted. Our Instagram accounts have to be bright and in theme. Clothes all styled and home straight out of Pinterest. In reality, this is not a case. We are simple human beings and the pressure to be someone perfect or ideal is too much for us to handle.

Haters are on every corner

I am happy to say that I didn’t have to face a single hater during my blogging journey. Yet. But it inevitable and I accept this fact. Many bloggers get harsh comments that are unnecessary in so many ways, some other bloggers even bash others. Fights are happening, hate is being spread and opinions are being judged. I, as a positive person, hate the fact that something like this is happening and that is getting out of hand sometimes. We shouldn’t fight, we should support each other.

Making money while blogging is a taboo subject

It truly baffles me how some people STILL choose to judge bloggers for making money from their blog. It’s their space on the Internet in what bloggers invest lots of money, time and effort to provide something good to their readers and yet people think that it’s bad for bloggers to gain something in exchange. It’s okay to write sponsored posts, use affiliate links, get products to try out if a blogger is being 100% honest with her/his readers. We need to eat, pay taxes and survive too, you know. And that involves using money what, the last time I checked, don’t fall from the sky.

The Dark Side of Blogging | The Nerdy MeAnd this is only a little section of things that make blogging bloody hard and even unpleasant sometimes. But hey! I’m still here, blogging and spreading happiness alongside. That means that even through blogging can be hard and a real pain in a certain area, I still choose to do it. I still love it and I still want to be a part of this community. We don’t need to focus on bad all the time, take a look at the bright side as well. We get to share ideas, opinions, beliefs, we meet amazing people and get even more amazing opportunities. Moreover, we grow as a person and learn something about ourselves along the way.

I just can’t end the post without a positive attitude, can I? Haha, anyways. I hope that you enjoyed this post about not so fun and not so happy things from the blogging world. I didn’t mean to scare you off from starting a blog if you were thinking about it! Sorry. I just want to set things straight and say that blogging isn’t something everyone can do. Yes, everyone can try. But not everyone can love it so much to stick by.

What do you dislike about blogging? Can you relate?

Why do you blog?


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