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We finally brought a Christmas tree! Last weekend the long waited tree was bought and set up in our living room. It is not a perfect one and is quite short, but it makes it more perfect. And the scent of it is to die for. All house smells like a forest.  We decided to decorate it this year with red, orange and gold accents.  

 We still had these our DIY baubles and decorations from last year, so we used those as well. The baubles were made simply by glueing threads around simple baubles that you can get everywhere. And we also put some glitter on them to make them shiny.  

 And these decorations were made from wire, beads and ribbons. We found this DIY from Stars Inspiration blog, so if you want to see how to make these check her blog. 

 We decorated our tree also with these golden decorations that we got from Tiger shop. I am in love with these, they look so nice and adorable. We got 5 of these, so a horse, a Christmas tree, a star, a snowflake and an angel. They were 1€ each. If you are looking for some unique or nice decorations I would really suggest you pop into Tiger. 

 Every year we put this Santa under our tree and I just think it looks very cute. Our tree looked quite decent until my brother decided that it is a great idea to sprinkle these so-called “Rain” garland. And now we have a Christmas Tree which looks like Christmas threw up all over it. Beautiful. But I still think our tree is unique and a bit weird looking, but beautiful nonetheless. 


Have you set up your Christmas Tree yet?

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