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As Christmas is tomorrow, I wanted to post a little festive post for you. This weekend I went to see for the first time this year my town’s Christmas Tree. This year it was a huge tree made from 50 smaller trees. It is also decorated with old looking baubles that look fantastic in my opinion.

All town is looking especially festive this year and so many beautiful installations and decorations are all around. I had a great time walking around the town, listening to people singing carols and drinking mulled wine, laughing and enjoying the time with their friends, families. 

I wish all of you a merry Christmas and I hope you will have a wonderful time with your beloved ones. It is a great time to spend some quality time with them and maybe even forget all the bad things and just enjoy their company. And after all, it’s the time of giving. So, maybe if you are not able or don’t want to for some reasons spend time with your family or certain people, I think it’s a great time to do something good for others. Maybe donate to a charity you always wished to do or become a volunteer. You can do so many things and they may look so ridiculous to us, but they can be very important for others.


Have a wonderful time, everyone! Even if you are not celebrating Christmas, I hope you will have a really lovely weekend. Xx

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