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Since Christmas is inevitably coming closer and closer, I decided to share a story from my life with you, guys. Now I have a lot of stories to tell, but this time we will settle with one from my childhood. You remember those days when you were a little kid and used to write actual letters to Santa Claus telling him how good you were and what you wish for this Christmas? Yeah, I was that kid who did this EVERY YEAR. I can’t say that I was the best kid as I did few naughty things, but in my mind I was an angel. Because if I write about how good I was then Santa won’t know about the bad things I did, right? 

Anyways, when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I was obsessed with Barbies and princesses, so it was no surprise that when someone asked me what I want this Christmas, my answer was related with them. So that year I really wanted to get a princess carriage for my dolls and a fake toy phone, you know the one with buttons and sounds? It was so cool to have something like that at that time, I needed to have it. I took a piece of paper and started writing down all my wishes. Of course, I made sure that Santa would understand that I needed a white with pink wheels carriage and no other. And my phone is a must. I sealed the envelope, wrote the address down and sent that letter with my grandmother to the Santa Mail. And I waited. I was so excited to get my carriage so that I could play with it and my dolls and show it off to my friends. And let’s not forget the phone which was like a big deal back then (it was like having iPhone these days).

When Christmas day came, I was freaking out from excitement. Once I ran to the Christmas Tree and looked under it, I was searching for my name and a big box. As I kid I always wanted the biggest gifts, so firstly I aways checked the biggest boxes. When I didn’t find my name on the biggest ones I got a bit upset but kept searching. And there I found it. The box with my name on it. I didn’t notice firstly that the box was quite flat as excitement got the best of me. But once I ripped the wrapping paper off, I literally screamed. It was a big puzzle with a little mermaid on it. No white carriage with pink wheels. No carriage at all. I was super mad, I didn’t even like mermaids back then. Just imagine how sad and upset I got. It makes me laugh now that I think about it. The only thing Santa got right was a fake toy phone. But even it had no sound effects.

That day I got very angry at Santa and accused him of messing up my present. I told my parents that I will never ever write letters to him again and that there is no point in doing that as he still doesn’t listen to our wishes. My mother explained to me that maybe my letter was hard to read and I told her that I drew that carriage as well in that letter! But everything was forgotten in the end of the day because I got more presents from my grandmother’s home and other grandparents’ home as well. Plus lots of candies helped the situation too.

Moral of the story, sometimes you won’t get the things you want even if you really want them and that’s okay. We don’t need to dwell on things we don’t get, let’s better enjoy the ones we have and be thankful for having the family and even being here with them. The most important things aren’t seen, they are felt. Or so people say (because I can certainly see chocolate and it is a really important part of my life). Presents aren’t so important to me anymore. They are just a symbolic form of caring and maybe even thank-you. The most enjoyable thing for me now during Christmas day is spending time with my beloved ones and eating a wonderful food, of course.


Have you ever got angry at Santa?

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