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We all make choices in life. Sometimes we regret them, sometimes not. It is all about us trying to find out who we are, what are our goals, likes, dislikes and US in general. Today, I decided to write a post about my 8 decisions I made that I don’t regret and more likely am happy I made them. So without further due, let’s get to them!


I used to be a reeeeaaaally unorganised person with lots of work and no time for it. All things I had to do always ended up done on the last minute (and last minute things are not the best ones, quite opposite if I say so). I was not only being constantly late with work but over stressed and exhausted all the time. Until a year ago, I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. So, I started planning my day out, organising things. And let me tell you, I am so much happier now. I am not stressed. I do things on time and even have lots of time for myself.


I am planning on doing a blog post about how I stay organised (IF YA WANT ONE, RAISE YOUR HAND!) soon. But for everyone thinking of getting more organised I highly suggest to GET ON WITH THAT! It seriously does make a difference. 


I think this choice is the one of my best ones I have ever made. I had a friend that only used me for her advantage. She borrowed money from me and didn’t return it back, made me do stupid things, buy things for her and so on and on. All in all, she was an awful friend (if I can even call her a ‘friend’). I decided to cut her out and stop all of this, it not only made me feel used but sad and depressed even. I thought having many friends are better but now I know that few true friends are more than enough. 


This is a weird one but I am seriously not regretting not taking any cigarette from my friends even through there were lots of people around me starting smoking. I never felt pressured and never wanted or wondered that it feels, tastes like. And I am happy I didn’t. It only harms your health, makes you addictive sometimes and causes bad breath, teeth and even makes you age faster. But if you are smoking, that’s all your choice. I am not one to judge people. I am just not fond of smoking myself. 


When I was in a primary school I was NOT a learner at all (seriously!). I used to fake my grades and they were horrible. I was lazy as heck and didn’t want to go to school at all. But it all changed when my mother decided to put a stop to all this fiasco! She made me work hard. And I am thankful for that. In high school I had an average of 9 or 9,5 in the end of every year (in my country we get grades from 1 to 10. It’s an A (about 4.00 GPA) for all those who have letter grading). 

I got diplomas for very good studying and am able to get into better universities and become a professional in some kind of job (if I am working hard, that is). So, for all you, who are in schools, colleges, universities, WORK HARD. It pays off later. I know it isn’t as exciting as shopping but it’s way more rewarding in the future than latest Gucci bag 🙂 Plus, I plan on doing a post about better studying and tips I learned. If you want one, let me know.


I don’t know about you, but eating healthy is my passion now. I don’t mean eating very healthy (let’s be real here, we want some good old pizza once in a while). I mean eating more cleaner and not everything I see in a sight. Trying eating more healthy helped me to improve my skin, health and well being, lifted my mood. If you want trying out eating more healthy, just try to eat more vegetables, fruits throughout the day with your regular meals (check my post ‘What I ate in a day‘ to see how I eat). Try eating less sugar full products and more natural ones. 


I started running in the evenings and exercising few times a week not because I wanted to loose weight (I need to add weight more than loose it, believe me). I did it because it sounded fun and I wanted to shape my figure (in my leg department). This change improved my stamina, lifted mood and just made me feel a bit happier about myself 🙂

 Should I do a post about this topic too? (I am sorry for so many suggestions, I just have so many ideas and don’t know if you want to read about them or not. So, if you could help me out a bit by commenting and answering these questions, that would be AWESOME! )


It sounds horrible, I know! But I just couldn’t exclude it. A few months ago I started wanting to cut my hair real short. I had very long hair (had lower waist length hair then) and sometimes I got very frustrated with them. It took so much time to wash them, comb and all. I wanted short hair because I loved how very little effort they would take me and they looked gorgeous on tumblr girls and weheartit. I just didn’t know if I would regret it or not, so I hesitated for a while. But I did it in the end. Now I have a bit angled lob (long bob)  and I loooooove it!


Yes, I did it. And I am not saying it just because I feel like I need to include it. I am seriously happy I started blogging and do not regret it any bit. I always loved writing things down. I used to write short stories, quotes, poems, diaries. And one day I decided to start a blog, so here we are! I hope you love reading it just as much as I love writing it for you, guys 🙂

These are my 8 choices, decisions I made that I don’t regret and am glad I made them. What are yours?

Did you have to make a decision recently? If so, how it’d go? Or maybe, do you want to change something in your life? 

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