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If you heard a  “you won’t get a boyfriend if you…” phrase in your life, you will relate to this post so much, my friend. First of all, let’s talk about how society thinks that every girls goal in life is to get a boyfriend, get married, have kids and a big perfect house. No, it’s not our main goal. Well, at least not all of us have it as our goals. There are plenty of girls out there who dream of being a president or just helping others all their life. But I am not going to talk about it, I already covered this subject in my older post. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do and share your view on it, I would really appreciate it.

Now to the main point. I do not live, dress, eat, act to please men and to get myself a boyfriend. I am going to eat like a pig if I want to and I won’t stop doing it only because some man think it’s unladylike. I will not start dressing more feminine and will not throw my beloved converses out just because that will make some boy like me. I don’t care and I never will. I live to be happy and love myself and I am not doing things to get a boyfriend. So whenever I hear someone saying to me “this is why you don’t have a boyfriend” I will gladly punch them in the face – violence doesn’t solve anything, kids! But in this situation, it will make me feel better (I am such a bad example). Seriously, what it is with people these days living just to please others? I live the way I want and the way that makes ME happy not others. What is so bad in not getting a freaking boyfriend/girlfriend? This applies to boys too if they get this phrase a lot.

I strongly believe that you fall in love with a person for its personality and not outside and other crap. If this arrogant guy with brown eyes will not like me because I make weird jokes sometimes, then screw him! There is a guy out there that will not only laugh at my weird jokes but will love them as much as I do. So, let’s stop being ridiculous, people. Don’t live to impress. Live to feel the life and be happy doing the things you love to do. And the next time you hear someone saying that this is why you are single, just simply smile at them and walk away. If people can’t accept you and your unique personality, habits when they are not worth your time. 

Have you ever heard this phrase?