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When I am not writing posts, spending time scheduling tweets (that’s poo) and studying all kinds of crap like math, history and literature, I actually love to read others blogs. I must admit, that I don’t have as much time as I wished to read them, but I do few of my favourite blogs that I always try to be caught up with. So, I represent you a list of blogs that I love reading at the moment! Don’t forget to give these blogs a read and let them know that I sent you.


I can not express to you how much I love May’s blog. Basically, it’s a personal style and lifestyle blog. What I love about it so much is how beautifully May can make words sound. She does these unique outfit posts, but instead of writing about where she got the pieces or things like that, she writes these short stories (I don’t even know how to call them. MAY?!). You need to look at The Mayden and read her posts to understand that I want to say. One thing for sure, she was born to write. And I really hope she will write a book or something in the future. I would sure buy it!



This is a more fashion based blog by the lovely Emma, who has such a great fashion sense. After every single one of her posts, I get a sudden urge to spend all my savings on the pieces she wore! Also, let me just say that the photography level on her blog is ON POINT! It’s literally goals – can I get even more ridiculous with all these phrases? And I love how sometimes Emma’s outfits have a vintage feel to them. Vintage, retro – I am all about it! So, take a look at her blog, see it, read it, fall in love with it and then thank me later. 



A must read blog by Margot who, might I add, blogs every weekday. That’s freaking amazing! She covers all the topics I am interested in: home + organisation, DIY, health + wellbeing, recipes, lifestyle, and blogging. What can you ask for more? I have been loving every single one of her posts recently. She does write very inspiring posts from her life and experience. And her recipes makes you want to turn to a cooking/baking junkie – is that even a term? Her blog is also quite colourful and colours make me happy, therefore, her blog makes me happy. If you are looking for a good lifestyle blog, I would highly suggest giving A Hearty Home a go!



A blog by a fellow Lithuanian Vaida. Her blog is all about art & graphic design, blogging, photography and healthy living. She makes amazing healthy recipes that look so delicious that you wouldn’t even think that they are healthy at all! To add to that, Vaida also makes killer workout tutorials for everyone. There is even one for us, bloggers, who spend their days sitting at their desk! She sometimes does outfits posts too that I find very inspiring. And have I mentioned that she has a design shop? Phone cases, blog templates, illustrations, photography – she has it all! So, take a look at Don’t Tell Anyone if you are interested in healthier lifestyle, you won’t be disappointed!



Another lifestyle blog by another incredible fellow Lithuanian. Kotryna is a full-time blogger who puts together beautiful outfits, reviews beauty products and most importantly she does very helpful blogging, freelancing posts. I can not count how many posts from Kotryna Bass helped me! If you love to know more about freelancing or turning into full-time blogger, read her blog. What I also love about Kotryna’s blog is her travel and food posts – you know me too well now, I love travelling and cooking – that are simply amazing. And just like Vaida, she has a design shop too. If you need a good and new template for your blog, I highly suggest to get it from Kotryna Bass. Templates of few well-known bloggers like Samantha were made by her!

What blogs do you love?

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