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I’ve been blogging for almost a year now (Keep your eyes peeled for 4th of May, something exciting might come!). And even though there’s still a lot of to improve on my blog and fix, I have already made a little list of rules for myself. Ever since I made this list I ALWAYS stuck to the rules I made and never once I broke them. So, I decided to share them with you! Maybe these little rules of mine will answer few of your questions too.

1. Respect other bloggers. Now this rule is quite simple. In order to respect others work I NEVER leave a comment on their posts just because I feel like I need to. I will always read a post and then if I have something to say or ask, I will leave a comment. I will never leave a comment for a heck of it. That’s not very respectful to me. I will do a post explaining all of it in the future, just so you could get a better concept of it.

2. Respond to your readers. This is one of the most important rules I made to myself. I will always respond to my readers to either thank them, answer their questions or simply to chat. BUT it doesn’t mean that I will go answering every single comment with the same line like ‘thank you’. I shall do a post on comments too in the future.

3. Share the posts that I love. Being a blogger comes with a lot of time-consuming work like writing posts, taking pictures, editing, sharing your work and etc. But I swore to myself that I won’t forget to share others work that I absolutely loved or found very helpful. It’s very important to spread love and to show appreciation to others.

4. Only the honest opinion. As a blogger, I do get offers to advertise, review or to share some kind of information from brands. But I want to make sure you do understand that I will NEVER post something I’m not passionate about or that cross my beliefs. I only accept the offers I find interesting or I think will be useful for you, my readers. And all reviews I do are 100% honest and contain ONLY my true opinion.

5. There are only 24 hours in a day – make it count. This rule is for maintaining blogging life with education. I am in my last year of school and in 2 months I’ll be done with it, so I have to prepare for a lot of exams and finals. I have to understand and remember that no matter how much I love blogging and reading others posts, I have to read shit tons of school books, do a lot of math papers and write speeches, presentations for school. And education comes first now. Therefore, this rule is to remind me to use every minute wisely. I have to limit myself to some things in order to achieve others.

6. No matter what, stay original. This is the most obvious and hardest one. I try to provide the content for you that would be as original as possible and as good as it can get. It can be very hard as there are a lot of bloggers and a lot of topics are already covered. But I do try to expand my limits and to get more creative.

7. Schedule few weeks forward. I can not explain to you how easier my life has become since I started pre-writing posts. It saves time and you always have something to post when your life becomes hectic. So, I made a rule to myself to always plan posts ahead and write them in advance.


What are your blogging rules?

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