My autumn bucket list 2018

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The glorious autumn season is slowly reaching its middle and it would be a sin not to write a list of things I oh so badly want to achieve and do before winter comes. So here I am!

I think this is my first ever autumn bucket list. How come I’ve never written one knowing my obsession with lists is beyond me… But better late than never, am I right?

Autumn is probably my second favourite season right after summer (maybe that’s why I’ve been writing bucket lists just for summer…) and I’m very much ready to celebrate this beautiful time of the year. Here’s a list of things I’ll for sure be doing!

The Nerdy Me’s Autumn Bucket List 2018

1.  Pick up a cup of pumpkin spiced latte

Never have I ever tasted a pumpkin spiced Latte. How untypical of a blogger these days… But since I’m living in Budapest right now, I am determined to try the famous Starbuck’s fall drink and see what’s the deal with it.

2. Spend a rainy day wandering in museums

What a better way to spend a very rainy and cold day than having a little visit to your local museums. Especially if it’s a free entrance day. We haven’t visited any museum yet in Budapest simply because the weather has been so great and we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. So once the rain starts to pour, we’ll be having a museum day for sure.

3. Bake, bake and bake some more

Ah, I love baking! We’ve already established a little tradition of our own while in Budapest – Sunday evening baking. I want to make as many autumnal bakes as possible. Think pumpkin, apple pies or carrot cake. I’ll be pinning some recipes over at my Recipes board which you definitely should follow if you want a bit of inspiration for the autumn bakes or dishes. Also, send me some recipes that you swear by! I’d love to try them.

4. Invest in a few autumn staples pieces

A bit of shopping and wardrobe renewal is always a good idea. I really want to get myself a new scarf that would be perfect for autumn weather. I haven’t found one that I really liked, so I might need to have a shopping day here in Budapest. A chunky sweater is on my to-buy list as well as a good pair of Chelsey boots. Any recommendations?

5. Re-watch favourite Halloween movies

I love Halloween even if I didn’t get to celebrate it much in Lithuania as kids do in other parts of the world. So the closest thing I always do to get myself into the whole Halloween mood is watching tons of Halloween themed movies. Hocus Pocus, A Nightmare Before Christmas, The Adam’s Family are some of my favourites and I intend to watch all of them at least once.

6. Have a trip during autumn holidays

Travelling has always been one of my favourites things to do all seasons round, so squishing a trip during autumn seems like a good idea for a bucket list item. I’ve always booked myself a trip to Slovenia at the end of October and I can hardly wait for it! Spending a few autumnal days near Lake Bled and mountains sounds like a dream to me. Of course, it doesn’t need to be a big trip like mine to enjoy autumn and its beauty, you can have a lovely day trip to a town nearby. I plan on doing some day trips around Hungary as well just to experience this beautiful season fully.

7. Have a pumpkin carving party

Back to my love for Halloween! I am so ready to carve some pumpkins for this Halloween and take them to the local pumpkin festival here in Budapest. I’m getting excited just by having a thought about carving pumpkins with some nice Halloween themed music in the background. It’s a nice tradition we have with a brother. Due to my moving to another country, I’ll have to do it alone or terrorize my roommate to do it with me. Easy!

8. Go on a hike

Hikes in autumn are one of the best ones. The landscape is simply breathtaking and that crisp air completes the whole experience for me. So I’ll definitely be doing a bit of hiking here in Budapest, around Hungary and, of course, in Slovenia. Also, it is nice to simply take a walk in a park when leaves start falling down and maybe even take your camera out to put your photography skills at test.

9. Visit a local farmers’ market

Nothing better than a nice fresh vegetable soup for a cosy autumn evening. I love going to markets and picking ecological vegetables and fruits from local farmers. It’s a great way to support local communities and get a hold of great quality veggies. There are even some market festivals here in Budapest, so I’m excited to visit those and see what Hungarians are offering during this season.

10. Read more books in evenings

During the summer, I’ve been neglecting books a bit and I’d like to get back into reading ASAP. Yes, to all those wondering how I’ve been doing with my summer bucket list, I definitely failed number 10 item. However, I’ve already started reading more once autumn graced us with its presence, so I’m sure I’ll do better this time. Fingers crossed!

My autumn bucket list 2018

What would be on your autumn bucket list?

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