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Tasting Hungarian Cuisine with BiteMojo Food Tour

One of the best ways to experience a new place and its culture is food tasting. I can already imagine fellow food lovers nodding along.  So after living more than 3 weeks in Budapest, I decided that enough is enough: we need to try Hungarian cuisine. This is where BiteMojo…

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I moved to Budapest and here’s what I’ve learned

The wait is over, I am here in Budapest and I’ll be living here for 4-5 months. How crazy is that?! When I wandered around the streets of Budapest for 5 hours back in October, the idea that I’ll be living here one day in the future didn’t cross my…

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10 Underrated TV Shows That Deserve More Attention

I’m such a tv shows person, you have no idea. I could literally watch tv shows for all day every day and I would not get bored. I have a serious problem. Naturally, I decided to write yet another tv shows blog post but this time I want to share…

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15 Things Only Single Friend of Group Will Understand

It feels like only yesterday all my friends were single and the only problem we had was deciding what to wear on a girls’ night out. Not anymore. Things have changed and I’m almost the only single person in the group. Let me tell you that being a single person…

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My journey towards driving license and why I’m putting it on hold

For the past year or so, I’ve been trying to get myself a driver’s license. Never have I ever dreaded something in my life before like driving lessons. Each one was filled with anxiety, cracking nerves and a constant disappointment in myself. I have no idea how my driving instructor…

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