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Ultimate Guide to Bucharest, Romania: what to do, see and eat

Bucharest – the city of hidden gems and the place I’ve never imagined falling in love with. Since the day I moved to Budapest, I have been planning all kinds of trips to neighbouring countries just to experience as much as possible during my stay in central Europe. Romania was…

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Hostel Celica, Ljubljana: My night at a former military prison

Well, I finally did it. I managed to land myself in prison and you know what? I loved every second of it. On my first Slovenia trip stop – Ljubljana – I decided to stay at Hostel Celica, a former prison and no.1 hippiest hotel in the world according to…

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Reading, Listening, Watching | Weekly Finds #24

It’s been a while since I’ve last written a weekly finds blog post, so I thought why not bring this little segment back to life. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot more book and watching insanely amount of tv shows (I mean, are you even surprised by this point?) and…

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Autumn Bucket List: 10 Things To Do In Autumn

The glorious autumn season is slowly reaching its middle and it would be a sin not to write a list of things I oh so badly want to achieve and do before winter comes. So here I am! I think this is my first ever autumn bucket list. How come…

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A must have day trip from Budapest to Visegrad, Hungary

One of the best things about Budapest is that it is surrounded by the most beautiful little towns and natural wonders. This is why there are so many great options for day trips from Budapest if you want to escape the city even for a few hours. One of my…

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