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Halloween is coming, guys! You may have known it, but I simply adore Halloween. It’s my kind of celebration for sure. Sadly, my country, Lithuania. does not celebrate it which makes me very sad. I could go on and on about how it is a wonderful celebration and my country doesn’t have to be so modest and fear it. Yes, we do have Vėlinės (Day of The Souls) at 1st of November that is a public holiday in our country. We visit our beloved ones graves, light a candle and just remember the ones who passed away. It is really a beautiful  day and a spectacular sign to see when you go in the evening when it’s dark and see millions of little lights in a cemetery. I am not saying that we shouldn’t celebrate it and don’t be sad that day, I just wish that we celebrated Halloween day before and had fun. I see nothing bad in having fun the night before, dressing up, trick and treating and the next day visiting graves, remembering the ones we lost and just paying respect to them. 

But it’s a debate that I will never win no matter how strong my arguments will be, Lithuanians are very persistent people and they like to stick with traditions. That means that they don’t adapt fast to changes, almost everything that is new or unfamiliar to them, they fear it or just think it’s simply not worth their time. Shout out to Lithuanians reading this! I am proud of us, but sometimes we can be too damn stubborn.

So I thought: if I can’t make my country celebrate it, I will celebrate it myself. And that’s what I have been doing these past 4 years. When Halloween comes I crave a pumpkin with my brother (my father always complains that it is stupid and my mother thinks that it is a waste of a good pumpkin), we bake cupcakes with Halloween toppings and just watch Halloween related movies (I am not a fan of scary movies, so I am left with the funny ones). Hocus Pocus is an absolute must for me! If I don’t watch it, Halloween basically didn’t happen for me. It’s just like not watching Home Alone during Christmas.

My one of the dreams is to go to America, Germany or Denmark during Halloween and finally celebrate it with tons of people who love Halloween as much as I do. It’s on my bucket list right beside the trip to Machu Picchu. And my best friend is in Denmark right now and will be celebrating Halloween there! I might as well cry right now (I am joking (not really)). She doesn’t even enjoy Halloween as much as I do and she knows that I have this big white jealousy because of it. But oh well, maybe now she will fell in love with this celebration and I will have one more friend that is as determined as I am to make Halloween a thing in Lithuania.

Do you celebrate Halloween? If yes, how do you do it?

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