Travelling is something we all love to do. And I am no exception. Ability to visit new countries, explore their culture, try out new kitchens, get an insight on different lifestyles – is magical. The is no greater feeling than walking down in unfamiliar streets of a foreign city, exploring, waking up to a new adventure. However, the end to the adventure always comes. Our journey in that city, country comes to the end and we have to pack our things and get home. But we always take something with us from that place to our country, take it a spice, new recipe, candies and etc. We take these things, so we wouldn’t forget the experience we had and they would remind us of the amazing trip we once been to. 

I take magnets. It may sound very stereotypical for some of you as magnets are considered those overprized little things from souvenir kiosks on every corner. And if you are one of those people, when you are absolutely right. They are certainly overprized, poor quality maybe even and are sold on every corner of popular cities for tourists. For a few years already, I always bought one magnet from the country I went to or a city. I am not a big fan of buying clothes, jewellery or other small things from countries I visit, I like to keep it simple. And magnets do just right that. 

 So, here is my little collection so far: 

Prague, Czech Republic 

Chania, Crete, Greece 


Venspilis, Latvia (I went there three times hence why I have three magnets, haha) 

 Tallinn, Estonia 

 Trakai, Lithuania (this is the first one from my country. I decided recently that I traveled so much around my country but never got a magnet from those places. So from now on, my mission is to get magnets from all cities I been to, basically all Lihuania, haha) 

Switzerland (I, myself, didn’t go there but my mother did and she brought me these two magnets. Now I need to go and visit Switzerland myself this time )

I am a bit sad that I didn’t get a magnet from Germany and Croatia. I went to Germany so many times to visit my aunt but it never accured to me to buy a magnet from there. And when I visited Croatia, I haven’t started collecting magnets back then. But at least now I have a reason to go back there! I also don’t have magnets from Poland (I been there few times too) and few cities from Latvia. I also wasn’t collecting them back then. To add to this starting collection, I also collect coins from the places I visited. But my main goal is to collect magnets. Hopefully, after few years my collectin will be way bigger 🙂 


What do you bring back with you? Any magnet collectors out there?