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One thing that all people can agree on is that work can suck sometimes. I’m one of those people who strongly believe that. Especially if the job you have is something you do not enjoy and only find tiring. I was working the whole summer (okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, it was a month and a half), and one day while counting and packing little metal details a wonderful idea hit me.


Yes. I got that excited. Blog ideas don’t come whenever you wish for, they usually visit you at the strangest times. So when this idea struck me, I had to write it down asap. I didn’t want to risk forgetting it. That happens. And it sucks.

But where were we? Ahh, yes. The wonderful idea I got while working a shitty job. I  represent you 50 thoughts we all have during a work day!

List of 50 Thoughts We All Have On A Work Day | Read more at

  1. Oh God, another early morning, another hell day.
  2. I’m too tired to function.
  3. Wonder if no one will notice if I’ll just nap here?
  4. Nooo, I can’t do this.
  5. I want lunch break. Now.
  6. Jesus, I hate her.
  7. Why do I even have to work? Who needs money anyway…
  8. Man, the clock just can’t go any slower.
  9. 1 more hour till lunch break.
  10. I can do this.
  11. Few more minutes and I’ll get food.
  12. Damn I need to go to the toilet. But I don’t like public bathrooms
  14. I swear one day I’ll be the boss and I’ll show them who’s who.
  16. What if I became a full-time blogger or youtuber?
  17. Imagine how good their life is: you stay at home, write a blog post, film a video and get paid.
  18. I should just quit and become one.
  19. I bet I could do that.
  20. 4 more hours and I can go home!
  21. I can do this.
  22. Damn it, I broke my nail. Ugh, here goes my $30 manicure.
  23. I can’t do this. I need sleep.
  24. I just need 10 minutes nap and that’s all.
  25. Why I even bother with this job when I can become a blogger or something?List of 50 Thoughts We All Have On A Work Day | Read more at
  26. THAT’S IT. I QUIT.
  27. But I really do need money.
  28. Why my life is so hard?
  29. Wonder what my bae is doing right now?
  30. Do this, do that, do another… HOW ABOUT NO?!
  31. Oh, what a cute guy!
  32. Aaaaand he’s taken.
  33. If I could just be a little bit smaller, I bet I could fit in this cupboard.
  34. “Yes, I can do this for you”
  35. No, I really can’t do it. Why the hell I said that?
  36. One hour left and I’m free. I’m so having a girls night out. I need a drink.
  37. Or I’ll just watch a movie and pig out on my sofa.
  38. Yep, that’s what I’m doing.
  39. C’mon. Time go faster. Why are you so slow on a work day and a Bold on the weekend?
  40. YES! I’M FREE.
  41. Pizza, chips, and Game of Thrones, I’m coming.
  42. Oh, really? A freaking traffic?
  43. Move out of my way, you slow thing! BEEP-EFFING-BEEP!
  44. Just let me die already. I want to go home.
  46. Finally.
  47. Now, what do we have to eat? Hmmm.
  48. Don’t tell me that…
  49. Why did nobody tell me what we don’t have food?!
  50. “Hello? I’d like to order a pizza. The biggest one”

What thoughts run down in your head on a work day?

List of 50 Thoughts We All Have On A Work Day | Read more at List of 50 Thoughts We All Have On A Work Day | Read more at

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