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I don’t like public bathrooms. I use them but I seriously despise them. So I’m about to break it down to you why I do hate public bathrooms. If you are not a fan of those too, let me know if you can relate, and if you are one of those rare breeds that enjoy them – why?

1. You have to sit as further as possible to not make a sound while peeing. Well, this may not be the strongest argument, but I can not stand the thought of someone knowing that I’m peeing. Does that sound weird? I mean, bathrooms were created for this reason and everybody knows that you are peeing in there. But my brain doesn’t want to comprehend this fact. It refuses to accept the fact that every freaking person in that bathrooms knows what I’m doing in there.

2. They are gross. Just imagine how many people sat in the exact same seat. Just think about it. EW. No matter how clean public bathroom may look, I will never think of them as 100% clean. They are gross and no one will make me think differently about it.

3. It seems like toilet paper doesn’t exist there. Every single day I am greeted with no toilet paper in our school toilets. I swear, once the paper is put there, it disappears faster that doughnuts in my household. And let me tell you that they disappear VERY fast. HOW IS THERE NO TOILET PAPER ALREADY WHEN IT’S ONLY THE FIRST PERIOD ON MONDAY!

4. People are using them as a chat room. This is one of the biggest factors why I don’t like public bathrooms. Girls are pretending like they are on some kind of chat show. I don’t want to hear about your latest boy toy or newest hair trends. I JUST WANT TO PEE IN PEACE. Is that too much to ask?

5. Everyone knows when you are on your period. You know that ripping sound when you open the pad? Yeah, that sound drives me insane. I already feel shitty and the idea of everyone in that bathroom knowing that I’m on a period doesn’t sound appealing, ok? I want to go through the pain alone. And I would like people to invent some kind of silent pads instead of those ‘discreet’ ones. What’s the point in them being discreet if everyone in the bathroom knows I’m on a period once I open the damned pad!

What do you think about public bathrooms?

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