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If you’re in need of a huge wanderlust boost, you’re in the right place.

It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote a “5 Places I Want to Visit” post, where I pick the top five places I’d love to visit on a certain continent. My last article focused on Australia, but in this article, I’m heading to the other side of the world.

This time I decided to give myself a boost of wanderlust once again by making a list of places I’d love to visit in North America. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Quebec City, Canada

I’m sure you all have seen a photo of two of this gorgeous city. The beautiful architecture is what makes this place attractive to me. Of course, I’d love to visit other cities and wonders of Canada, too, such as Toronto, Ottawa, and all the lakes and hiking destinations. But Quebec City is probably the first place I’d like to set foot if I were to find myself in Canada one day.

The United States of America

I just couldn’t pick a single place from the USA. I want to visit it all, basically. The Golden Gate Bridge, the house from “Charmed” in San Francisco, the Hollywood Sign in LA, Boston, Hawaii, and New York City. I’d love to stay in the Brooklyn area for few days and wander all around NYC. The USA seriously has so much to offer, and I’m kind of jealous of you, Americans.

Mexico City, Mexico

I feel like Mexico City covers it all. It has attractions for everyone, from history lovers to artists. I’d love to explore the historic city area, as it sounds super fascinating. Also, I wouldn’t mind exploring a few pyramids and temples in Mexico. If I have any readers from this country, what else would you recommend seeing in Mexico?

Havana, Cuba

If I could, I’d pack my bags right now and fly to Cuba this minute. That place is like an untouched gem as of right now. It has so much colour and culture. It would be a rather shocking change from my everyday life, but visiting it would be so worth it. Places like Cuba can show how little a person needs to be happy. Also, I’d need to learn salsa before going, and that’s one of the items on my 101 things in 1001 days list.


Jamaica is the homeland of the legendary Bob Marley. Everything about Jamaica screams freedom, relaxation, and bliss. I wouldn’t mind relaxing by one of the many beautiful beaches with crystal clear water or taking a hike to a waterfall. I don’t know about you, but Jamaica sounds like a perfect mindfulness holiday to me.

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I can assure you that there are more places I’d love to visit in North America, but these ones are my top priorities.

Now all I need to do is win the lottery.

Have you visited these places?

Where would you like to travel in North America?

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