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We all love food. And if you don’t, then whyyyyy? Food is the best thing ever invented and nothing can give you as much happiness as it does. The thing with food is that it has so much to offer! And while some people prefer one, others will prefer other. Today, I made a little list of 5 tastes, flavours that I’m absolutely in love with. 

Mint | I love everything with mint. And all kinds of mint you can name. Mint is one of the best ones and mint candies are to die for. I don’t really know what it is what makes mint taste so good to me. Maybe it’s that spicy kind of feeling it provides or the cold sensation. I find that it helps me to calm down too when it’s needed. I am aware that not a lot of people like mint and minty flavours, but I adore it. 

Water | This is probably one of the weirdest tastes you can hear a person name. But no matter how weird or funny it may sound, I freaking love the taste of a fresh, cold water. Just imagine how good it tastes and feels to drink a little bit of cold water on a very hot day. You know what I’m talking about, don’t even lie to me. Of course, there are people who absolutely hate the taste of water, but I simply can not live without it.

Banana Milkshake | I love bananas and the best taste is when they are combined with milk and ice cream. I freaking love banana milkshakes and there is no better milkshake flavour! It is sweet, cold and fresh. And something about bananas makes me feel very happy. I’m sure it’s the sweet taste and bright yellow colour, haha.

Fresh Baked Bread | Nothing can taste as good as freshly baked bread. Especially if it’s with any kind of seeds. Heaven. I love how crunchy it is on the outside, but so soft and fluffy it is inside. It melts in your mouth and makes your taste buds go crazy. How can you not love bread?

Raspberries | I admit, I am not the biggest fan of berries and anything too sweet. However, I love raspberries! Some really hate those little hard pieces in them, but to me, it’s the best part. I love those little pieces and the sweetness of a raspberry. It’s not too sweet and it’s also a bit sour sometimes. And I will always pick sour over sweet.

What makes your taste buds go wild?


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