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I am not very good at fashion. I do love following trends, learning about what’s good and what’s not this season and all that crap. But I simply am not good at actually applying my knowledge in buying clothes or making outfits. I buy a piece I like and then I never wear it simply because I don’t know how to style it. Anyone else?

But today’s post isn’t about me moaning how I suck at being fashionable. For this post, I decided to share with you all 5 of my favorite clothing pieces at the moment. Just don’t expect it to be ‘fresh-out-of-fashion-magazine’ clothes. This is my top 5 clothes that I wore the most and loved unconditionally.

Bershka Disney jumper | Laugh all you want but Disney jumpers are the best. I saw this one with Mickey all over it in Bershka and it was a love at the first sight. Look how colorful and adorable it looks! I couldn’t resist buying it and it was on sale too (double win!). I have been wearing it a lot this winter. And let me tell you that it’s the comfiest thing ever invented. It keeps me warm. It feels amazing. And it looks 100%. It’s basically, my boyfriend!

Pull & Bear Denim Jeans | These jeans! You can probably tell that they have been worn a lot. The color almost washed out already but I couldn’t care less. You know when you find a perfect pair of jeans and then no pair compares to those? THIS IS MY PERFECT PAIR. I can not explain how good they feel when on and how great they suit my bum (yes, this is an important detail). I am getting very emotional just thinking about looking for new ones. It will be heart-breaking. 

Zara Grey Coat | This is the only coat I own. And I bloody love it! I got it from Zara last autumn and have been wearing it a lot. It’s super soft and keeps me warm when the weather decided to be poop. And it is probably one of my most fashionable pieces in the closet. I know, my life is sad. But seriously, this coat works incredibly good with everything! I can wear it with jeans, dress, skirt – you name it. If I ever will need a new coat – Zara I’m coming for you!

Tamaris Black Boots | You know that I’m a comfort over style kind of girl. And these shoes/boots are a perfect example of that. I can not explain to you how comfortable they are. Also, I find them quite stylish too. They aren’t anything fancy, but they do compliment a lot of outfits I wear. Which consist of mainly pants and sweaters… But that’s not the point! The point is that they feel amazing on my feet and I can not imagine my life without them.

Marvel Socks | I am not any bit least embarrassed right now. I love Marvel. I love superheroes and these socks are the best things I have ever bought! I got these from SportsDirect for a ridiculously cheap price that I can not remember right now. But it was a bargain! These socks are the softest things and they look bloody cool! What more can you ask for?

What are your favorite clothing pieces?

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