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Have you ever woke up from a glorious night sleep and then suddenly all the glory disappeared once you noticed that the mother nature decided to visit you? Yeah… This post is for all us, girls, who have ever suffered from the wonderful monthly subscription what is period. I hope you’ll enjoy!

  1. Don’t tell me that…
  2. Great. Welcome mother nature!
  3. Everything hurts.
  4. Oh, damn. That spine pain makes me feel like I’m 80 years old.
  5. Wait a minute. Is that a chocolate?
  6. No. I can’t have it. I’m eating healthy. Where’s that damned salad?!
  7. Get out of my way, you stupid!
  8. OWW.
  9. “Quick, can you look if I haven’t leaked?”
  10. Why does it feel like I’m about to give a birth… damn it.
  11. Gimme that damned chocolate!
  12. Why I am getting punished for not being 18 & pregnant!?
  13. I don’t like you. Or you. Or you.
  14. Cake with ice cream and popcorn on the side sounds nice now.
  15. Wonder if we have chocolate flavoured ice cream… with chocolate chips. And chocolate syrup.
  16. Why does this shirt make me look fat!!??
  17. Oh, he’s kind of cute.
  18. No. I don’t like him.
  19. Well, now I know why I have been craving junk food this week.
  20. I need to download that period app. What it’s called again?40 Thoughts Every Girl Has on The First Day of Her Period | read more on
  21. Do I have an extra pad?
  22. Damn, I swear I wrote down somewhere the name of that app…
  23. I better take 5 more pads, just in case.
  25. Why are men so lucky? They don’t have to bleed every month and pop kids out.
  26. FINALLY HOME! Now, where are my leggings?
  27. We don’t have ice cream! Who dared to eat MY ice cream?!
  28. “Hello? I would like to order two family sized pizzas”
  29. Let’s watch some chick flicks. They always do the trick.
  30. AHHHH! My uterus is killing me!
  31. Why am I crying?
  32. Go away.
  33. Why nobody needs me?!
  35. I’ll sue you.
  36. It’s so not fair. Why other girls get 4 days and I have to suffer 7?
  37. I am hungry.
  38. I seriously feel like I’m leaking. AM I LEAKING?
  39. No. I’m not going to sneeze. Nope.
  40. Fuck.

What kind of thoughts run on your head during this glorious time?


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