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So, I turned 20 this month and I’ve been an adult officially for 2 years now. But I haven’t been feeling like an actual adult until quite recently. Does turning 18 mean suddenly becoming all responsible, serious and financially stable? I hope not because I somehow missed out on that part…

So today I decided to make a list of all the things or moments that make us realise: damn, I’m an adult now!

If you’ll be able to relate, then congratulations – you’re an adult. If not, enjoy while it lasts, my friend, because we all turn to that scary ‘adult’ life.

Now it’s been a long time since I’ve written a good old list post, so enjoy this marvellous creation because it might be a while until the next one.

Anywaaaays, I represent you:

21 Sign you’re becoming an official adult!

1. You start getting excited about staying in on Friday night with your favourite bottle of wine binge-watching Black Mirror and debating whenever you should go technology free or just embrace the scary future.

2. Sometimes you even don’t buy the cheapest wine in the shop. You probably go for the most discounted one.

3.  The biggest highlight of your day is getting under those bed sheets and falling asleep as early as possible.

4. Organizing things and having a cleaning day sounds like a great plan for the weekend.

5. Actually buying Christmas or other gifts in advance. Bye, last minute gift shopping!

6. Ikea is your type of Disneyland.

7. The thought alone about going furniture shopping and moving houses/flats makes you jump from excitement.

8. You have to google some of the trends and terms. Man, all this slang is hard.

9. Whenever you see a teenager being too loud, you start shaking your head mumbling “youth” under your breath and trying to remember the last time you had so much energy. You end up not remembering it.

10. When shopping, you always look at the ingredients list or the clothing piece tag to ensure that the product is good quality wise. I’m not paying a euro for so many E’s!

11. Dishwashing is your new therapy.

12. Candles and cushions are the best gifts that someone could gift to you. Keep that chocolate for yourself, I’m going to engulf myself in my newest pile of cushions and festive scented candles.

13. You have a somewhat of a skincare routine.

14. Forever stuck between wanting to delete your Facebook because it’s a dreaded chore and not wanting to miss out something.

15. Making your inbox go to 0 feels like the greatest accomplishment of your life. The satisfaction is real.

16. You can hold a real conversation about a new cleaning or organising hack that you found and that changed your life forever.

17. You don’t need to call your mom before you do laundry. You know all about those temperature levels and detergents.

18. Always on a lookout for good deals or coupons because you’re in no financial state to spend money freely without taking an advantage of a good -20% for toilet paper deal. Yes, I want to purchase your loyalty card, why thank you.

19. Hoping to get some nice socks for Christmas.

20. Ordering salad because you actually enjoy eating it. Who could have thought, huh?

21. Celebrating on payday more than on your birthday. Life’s all good now, new kitchen appliances, here I come!

Can you relate? What would you add to the list?

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