Why I Don’t Answer To All The Comments I Get?

Why I Don’t Answer To All The Comments I Get?

Hello, people! 

I hope you are doing well and happy first day of May! Can you believe that it is May already? I swear I am still living in Christmas time. Anyways, today I decided to write this post about the reasons on why I stopped answering to every single comment I get on my blog posts. Now, please, be open-minded and don’t bash me afterwards. Thank you in advance!

Okay, at the starting stages of my blog I got very few comments. Like 2-3 on one post. And it was a lot to me back then! I was just starting blogging and imagine how excited I got once I saw that people do actually read my ramblings. 

Back to the point. 

It was easy answering to all those 3 comments people left me and I always made sure to reply to them. After few months, I started getting more comments and it started taking up a lot of time for me to go through every single one of them and reply. And this is when we come to the first reason why I stopped doing that. 

1) It takes a lot of time in a day. 

Don’t think that I don’t read all of your comments. No. That’s not the case. I read every single one of them and I am genuinely so happy that someone decided to take time in their day to leave a comment under my posts. But if I continued to answer to everyone, it would take about 2-3 hours for me to do that every day. Now keep in mind that I’m still in school and I have a lot of to revise and learn for my upcoming exams. I need to give as much time as possible to it. 

2) Sometimes I have nothing to say

This is another reason why I don’t reply. It’s not that I don’t appreciate your comment. It’s because I simply don’t have anything to tell you. For example, if I get a comment like “Haha, this is amazing!”, I don’t have much to say except for a thank you. And replying to all 20/30-something comments with simple phrases like ‘thanks’, ‘thank you’ starts to get more automatic than truly genuine. I feel like it isn’t truly meaningful and it becomes a must or a simple chore. I don’t want people to think that I am not appreciating them and their time and writing all those ‘thank you’s makes me feel exactly like that. 

I will always reply if the commenter has a question or an interesting view on the topic. I love conversations! And starting discussions with my readers and I will always find time for them. But PLEASE understand that I don’t want to reply to everyone’s comments just to say a simple thank. However, I will reply a long ass thank you letter to some. And it’s not that some of you deserve it more… 

What am I kidding? 

I CAN tell when someone read my post and when someone didn’t and is only here for a promo. I already covered that in my previous post but just to be clear: I am not going to answer to promo comments (e.x. ‘Stunning!. Follow me here and here and here’ on motivational post), I find them disrespectful and unneeded. But if I see that you really did read it and you took a time to comment something nice or just a short ‘I loved it and blah blah blah’, I will reply with a thank you and something more. 

I think I covered it all. So to sum it up, I am not going to answer to every comment. I will, however, read every single one of them and visit your links. But don’t expect me to go on ‘thanks’ spread just because it’s some kind of rule in a blogging world. I hope you don’t find this offensive and understand where I am coming from.

Do you answer to all of the comments you get? 

Leta Bielinytė

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