2 Years Anniversary of The Nerdy Me + The Most Popular Blog Posts |

It’s been two years of writing funny lists, personal stories, travel memoirs and reflections about life.

It’s been two years of getting frustrated with coding, HTML and other technical bits that I still can’t do to save my life.

It’s been two years of meeting incredible, inspiring and wonderful people.

It’s been two years of The Nerdy Me.

2 Years Anniversary of The Nerdy Me + The Most Popular Blog Posts |

What surprises me the most about the fact that I’ve been writing this blog for 2 years is that I didn’t quit. I didn’t stop writing it, and there were moments when I could of have. I’ve been quitting a lot of things in the past. I got bored of them or I simply got scared by them. But I stuck with The Nerdy Me and till this day I believe in it.

Save to say that you won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon.

A lot of has changed since my first ever blog post and even since the 1st anniversary. I made a huge relaunch and decided to go self-hosted. I increased traffic twice and made a hell lot of friends. It’s been an exciting and exhausting year but I am still here, aren’t I?

Almost everyone I know in real life knows that I own this blog which is ridiculous. Last year barely 3 people knew about it and now I lost the count of people who found out about it. It feels weird to me and I still feel a bit overprotective about The Nerdy Me. It’s my creation and – it will sound very cliche – my safe place. So whenever people find out about it I get protective and a bit anxious. I am afraid of people’s reaction to it and, to put it simply, I don’t want them to call this activity of mine silly and stupid which have happened to other people.

I think I’m in the stage where I am starting to say ‘eff it’ to all those fears and doubts. Adding ‘Blogger/Owner at The Nerdy Me’ on my personal Facebook biography was a big step but I did it and hey! I didn’t die. So cheers to being more open and confident about The Nerdy Me!

2 Years Anniversary of The Nerdy Me + The Most Popular Blog Posts | 2 Years Anniversary of The Nerdy Me + The Most Popular Blog Posts |

I don’t want to ramble too much about how much I have changed and grew as a person, or how much time and energy I have put in this blog. You already know all of it. This post I want to dedicate to all of you, those who read, who share, who comment, who reach out and who believe in TNM. Without you, there would be no TNM.

A very special thanks to May, Mira, Sara, Batsheva, Nadia, Kay, Kandice, Marc and few other people who always supported my decisions about the future of this blog and never failed to be the best blogging friends I could have ever asked for. Thank you, lovely human beings!

2 Years Anniversary of The Nerdy Me + The Most Popular Blog Posts |

Now that we got all the sentiments aside, let’s reflect on the 10 most popular blog posts of The Nerdy Me:

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2 Years Anniversary of The Nerdy Me + The Most Popular Blog Posts |

Now a bit of BTS of this photoshoot. I was freezing to death. Literally. It was so cold that day. Also, it was a very interesting experience. I don’t enjoy photoshoots much as I don’t know what to do, how to stand, where to put my hands and so on. But this one was quite fun. Or maybe I was just being hysterical from all the cold… Hence why I looked retarded in the majority of the photos. Anyways, after few beeps from the cars passing by, weird looks from pedestrians and a heck lot of ‘STAY IN PLACE, YOU EFFING BALLOON’ shouts, we had a few shots worth posting.

I’m still not a fan of photoshoots but maybe you’ll see me doing more of those in the future. Maybe when the weather gets warmer and a bit more appropriate to stroll around in a dress or a skirt.

Once again, happy birthday to The Nerdy Me and cheers to another year of silliness and writing.