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No matter how fabulous guys might think we are, we do have our moments. We are simple human beings too and we can get quite gross at times. Today I made a list of things all girls do. They might not admit it, but oh they do.

1. We don’t really like shaving. And sometimes we only shave the parts that will be seen in public. That’s how it works.

2. Let’s be all real here, the only reason why I’m eating salad now is that I don’t want to look like a pig in front of a cute guy. But trust me, once I’m at home and all alone – things are about to get down.

3. We do our makeup while watching other girls doing their makeup on youtube who probably learned to do their makeup from other youtubers. Yeaaah.

4. We stalk everyone. Like ex, ex’s ex involved everyone.

5. Attempt to work out. And then give up after 10 crunches.

6. Take 100+ selfies and then delete all of them because we didn’t like how we looked.

7. Observe how others girls look and comment in our head about what a great style they have.

8. Eat ice cream from a container because too lazy to take a bowl and then wash all the dishes.

9. We fart. The secret’s out!

10. We tweeze basically everything. There’s a little hair? Fear not! I shall tweeze it all out.

11. We do ‘check’ because we are good friends. And that’s why some guys think we a creeps for constantly looking at others girls butts.

12. Wear the same bra for days because it’s your favorite one and it makes your boobs look great.

13. We talk to ourselves. Constantly. And it’s the best conversations we have!

14. We hate when someone asks us “Are you on your period?”

15. When we are home alone we take our pants off, blast some good music and then throw a party for ourselves.

16. Watch sentimental crap and then cry for hours. Because why wouldn’t you?

17. Forget to clean makeup brushes for weeks. Or are just too lazy to do it.

18. Check out guys’ bums.

Do you do all of these? What did I forget to include?

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