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Remember I did a post about the things we could all learn from the amazing Lilly Singh? I’m here again writing you kind of similar post. I may need to make this like series. Let me know if you would like that as I certainly do love writing these posts. They are incredibly fun to make! Anyways, I represent you – things to learn from the queen herself, Blair Waldorf (if you don’t know her then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN AT BOO?!)!

1. Either you work for it or you stay right there behind waiting for someone to save you. 

2. Respect everyone. We are all people trying to survive in this crazy world.

3. You need to be determined to reach your goals.

4. There’s (almost) nothing a little shopping trip can’t fix.

5. We are in control of ourselves. We can choose to be happy or sad.
6. Have a goal in your life and then reach it!
7. You need to cherish the friendship you’ve got.
8. Value what you have or you might loose it.
9. Know what you are worth.
10. Always be proud of yourself.

11. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye when it’s needed.*cought*fake friends*cought*

12. If you feel like it can’t get any worse, always remember that it’s usually your mind that makes a situation seem worse than it really is.

13. Some people are just not worth it.

Do you have any important life lessons we should all learn?

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