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Never was I a person of challenges but recently I‘ve been seeing more and more of them and weirdly feeling the urge to participate in few of them. By few I mean mostly all of them. No idea what hit me but it did hard and now I am set to try every challenge there is.

One of the most interesting ones I found was 101 things in 1001 days that I‘m sure most of you have heard of. I think I even mentioned it in one of my weekly finds posts. Basically, you have to think of 101 things you want to achieve/do/try/visit and yadda yadda in the following 1001 days which is a bit more than 2,5 years if I still can count correctly.

Seems pretty easy, isn’t it? Wrooong. Well at least for me. Coming up with 101 things is actually pretty damn hard. My mind stopped working at number 27. But somehow I managed to do this, so here you go, my list of 101 things I’ll try to achieve in 1001 days from now:

START DATE: 2016.09.21

END DATE: 2019.06.19


1. Donate to a charity (Red Noses)

2. Volunteer (13th World Congress of Semiotics + 5 more events and counting)

3. Leave 100% tip for a good service

4. Donate blood

5. Give money to a street performer (18/05/2017)


6. Visit 3 new countries (5/3: Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria)

7. Go cycling every day for a week

8. Cycle 200km in total per month

9. Complete a 5km run (02/10/2016)

10. Run 10km I walked 50km? (13/05/2017)

11. Buy a pair of hiking boots (14/06/2017)

12. Go on a trip with friends for a week

13. Have a spontaneous weekend away

14. Go on a solo trip


15. Make successful Blogmas (03/19: I think I’m giving up on this)

16. Get a new DSLR camera

17. Buy a tripod

18. Get an external hard drive

19. Attend at least one bloggers’ event

20. Create another Instagram challenge

21. Host a giveaway

22. Make Advertise page

23. Make Disclaimer page

24. Start a newsletter  (Sign up HERE and get exclusive content!)


25. Read at least 50 books (50/50)

26. Visit a second-hand bookstore

27. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet

28. Watch a movie that was made the year I was born (1998) (American History X)

29. Watch Game of Thrones to see if I like it or not (Like I needed another show to obsess over…)

30. Watch a movie at a drive-in

31. Set up my Goodreads account (You can find me HERE)

32. Go to a book signing

33. Spend the whole day reading a book

34. Make a list of 101 of my all time favourite songs

35. Listen to a new album each week for a whole month

101 Things in 1001 days challenge | The Nerdy Me


36. Find a podcast to listen to (The Minimalist, Coffee Break Spanish)

37. Bake a rainbow layer cake

38. Sew a dress myself

39. Learn salsa (update: giving up on this as well)

40. Try being a vegetarian for a week (read a blog post about it)

41. Say yes to everything for a day

42. Learn how to say ‘thank you’ in 10 languages (9/10: Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Russian, Polish, Latvian, Hungarian, Danish)

43. Learn some basic sign language

44. Try out all beers at Republic bar (update: decided against it)

45. Get a professional massage

46. Go one month without alcohol

47. Complete a 2000 piece puzzle (update: does helping my mom with 5000 counts?)

48. Go to a gun shooting range

49. Have a Geocaching day

50. Carve my initials in the tree

51. Spend the whole night out in the city (15-16/06/2017)

52. Open a cookbook on a random page and make whatever comes up

53. Learn to identify 5 constellations (1/5)


54. Make a new vision board

55. Complete 12 challenges (2/12)

56. Get a vinyl record player

57. Get a tattoo

58. Put 10 euros in a saving jar every week for 6 months (6/6: in total – 260 euros )

59. Make an official bucket list

60. Build a snowman with my brother

61. Move out of my parents’ house (update: lol no)

62. Write a list of everything I want to achieve in life

63. Write a list of 25 things I like about myself

64. Send out Christmas cards to 10 people

65. Complete a colouring book

66. Learn how to drive ( update01: in process; update02: passed theory, update03: putting it on hold)

67. Get a car (HAHA.)

68. Make a reading corner (almost done)

69. Finish my Quotes’ book

70. Do a wardrobe clear out (14/06/2017)

71. Get a photo wallpaper for my room

72. Watch sunrise and sunset on the same day

73. Digital detox for a day

74. Learn how to play ‘I can’t help falling in love’ song on guitar

75. Write a short story

76. Write a script

77. Make a photography coffee table book

78. Take a photo of the same location through all four seasons

79. Watch Perseid meteor shower

80. Spend a night on the beach

81. Beat my brother at Mario Kart

82. Don’t swear for a week

83. Learn to make 10 cocktails (3/10)


84. Make breakfast in bed for someone

85. Kiss in the rain

86. Meet an online friend in person

87. Visit my best friend while she’s away

88. Rent a flat with my best friend at least for a month


89. Fly in a hot air balloon (Read here)

90. Go to 20 basketball games (10/20)

91. Go to the theatre at least 3 times (3/3)

92. Attend TEDx

93. Attend a comedy show ( 25/11/2016)

94. Have a fondue night

95. Try horseback riding

96. Go canoeing

97. Go to Granatos Live 2017 music festival (IT WAS LIT!)

98. Attend at least 3 concerts (3/3: Colours of Bubbles, LP, Ba.)

99. Try archery

100. Visit all escape rooms in Kaunas (update: not going to happen)

101. Write another 101 in 1001 list

I will attempt to do all of these but I’d like to say that I have a habit of not finishing challenges or only partly completing them. It’s just something I really suck at. But I will try my hardest for this one because I love the concept of it. Wish me luck!

Have you got a 101 things in 1001 days list? Are you planning to?

If yes, what would you want to achieve?


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