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I’m such a tv shows person, you have no idea. I could literally watch tv shows for all day every day and I would not get bored. I have a serious problem.

Naturally, I decided to write yet another tv shows blog post but this time I want to share 10 underrated tv shows that I absolutely adore and they most definitely deserve more attention than they get. Some of them have been cancelled (LIKE WHY?!) and some of them simply don’t have a big of an audience like shows such as Game of Thrones or Orange is The New Black. Either way, they are all awesome period.

Let’s get into the list, shall we?

The Bold Type


I must admit, I was a bit hesitant to start watching this tv show but I’m so bloody glad that I did in the end. This is such a well-made American comedy-drama series that every woman out there should watch. In short, the plot revolves around 3 young women who work in a global women’s magazine and it discusses such important topics as identity searching, friendship, relationships, career and even some really tough world problems. There are 2 seasons and the 3rd is on its way to be released in 2019. So make yourself a favour and watch The Bold Type.



I think I’ve already mentioned my adoration for this tv show in my previous blog posts. Imposters is a dark comedy tv show about a con artist Maddie and her 3 victims that team up together to bring her down. Literally, one of the best TV shows out there. It’s a perfect combination of drama and comedy. One of my favourite things about this tv show is that it is so unexpected, you never know what’s the next thing that will happen and it’s more based on friendship rather than relationship. AMEN TO THAT!

Orphan Black


This show is an example of a successful plot writing. It has 5 seasons and neither of them was bad. Do you know how rare it is in today’s world? Orphan Black is a science fiction TV show about cloning. The main actress Tatiana Maslany played in total 11 characters in this show and if that isn’t a definition of talent, I don’t know what is. Every character appears as an entirely different person and you simply believe that they all are different actors even though they have similar looks. Watch it now and thank me later.



I want to shake the hand of the person who came up with the idea of Lucifer. It’s a crime comedy type of tv show about Lucifer Morningstar himself who decided that he wants to live amongst humans in the middle of Lost Angeles. Long story short, he becomes friends with a detective Chloe Decker and they start solving crimes, chasing bad guys and bringing justice to the world. I kid you not, this show has one of the best-written comedy lines and if you need even more convincing to watch this show, Tom Ellis plays Lucifer and he has a really charming accent.

Lethal Weapon


I am not usually the type of person to watch action tv shows but this one is a game changer. It’s an action comedy tv show that portrays two detective partners that are so different yet so great together. It is a reboot of a movie franchise of the same name “Lethal Weapon”, so if you loved the movie, you’ll love the show. One of the main characters, Martin Riggs, is a definition of a dark comedy character and that’s why this show is so alluring. Unfortunately, the actor who plays Martin has been fired due to his not so nice behaviour on set and will be replaced by someone else. Despite that fact, the show is something all action lovers should watch.

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Dear television networks, stop cancelling truly wonderful tv shows. Deception is one of those shows that had a great potential but didn’t get a chance to realise it as it was cancelled after the first season. It’s about the world’s greatest illusionist whose career got destroyed and he joined FBI where he uses his skills to solve high-profile cases and catch criminals. It’s like Now You See Me but in a tv show format. Great plot, amazing acting and very involving producing. I think the problem with tv shows getting cancelled is the fact that international views don’t count and there are just too many tv shows these days. Some of them get lost in the sea of shows no matter how good they are.

For The People


If you love How To Get Away With Murder, chances are that you’ll appreciate this one as well. For The People is set around brand new layers who work in NYC Federal Court and handle high-profile cases both as prosecutors and the defence. The show displays how their professional and personal lives intervene. I admit, some of the terms I hear in this tv show I have no idea what they mean but it does not stop me from enjoying the show. One of the actresses is Britt Robertson who I simply adore, so even bigger thumbs up for the show.

The Arrangement


I don’t know what it is about this tv show but it’s addicting. The Arrangement follows the life of movie star Kylie West and an aspiring actress Megan Morrison who lands a role in the latest Kylie West movie. However, the role also involves a $10 million marriage contract and membership in a self-help clinic. Overall, it’s a hell lot of drama and plot twists. The thing is that the acting isn’t the best, well, at least Josh Henderson’s. In some scenes, it’s just too dramatic and looks very fake but I couldn’t stop watching the show until the very last episode which ended on a cliffhanger and it was (AGAIN) cancelled. Now we’ll never know what happened, thanks E!.

Midnight, Texas


All supernatural drama lovers, this is your moment. Midnight, Texas is a small town for all kinds of supernatural. From vampires, witches to hit men and angels. All the creatures you can imagine live in Midnight and form a weird but strong family bond as they fight off intruders. The main actor is Francois Arnaud and this fact alone should make you want to watch this show. He’s like a new Ian Somerhalder and that says a lot. There’s only one season out there but I believe 2nd one is in making. They better not cancel this one…

Take Two


This is my newest find and I’m obsessed! Take Two tells a story about a former star of a cop show who teams up with a private investigator in Los Angeles. Both of them form an unexpected friendship and start solving one mystery after another. An incredibly well directed, written and made TV show. I’d say it’s one of the best crime comedy shows out there and I hope that it will have more seasons to come. I binge watched all 8 episodes in one day and all I can say is that it was worth it. Take a look at it if you enjoy quirky pair combination in tv shows.

Have you seen any of these?

What tv shows you watch that you think are underrated?

The most underrated tv shows of all time! Read more at

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