Welcome to The Nerdy Me!

A blog created for those who want to seek happiness and live the life to its fullest. This is the place where you‘ll learn, get inspired, motivated and even entertained. So if that‘s what you are seeking for, stay tuned!

I am Leta and it‘s a pleasure to meet you. I know how boring can intro pages be, so I won‘t annoy you with my biography facts which aren’t even fun to begin with. But if you are one of those nosy people, you can find out more about me here and here. Also, hit me up with your questions on the social media and even here on my blog and I‘ll be happy to share some of my life details.

Some of my favourite posts I have ever written:

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Untitled design (1)You will most likely come across a series in my blog if you will stick with me and my little space on the Internet that I call The Nerdy Me or TNM for short. So, here’s a short list of them:

A BIT OF MOTIVSPIRATION: Posts that have been inspired by life events that I feel the need to rant or discuss about. The name comes from mix of two words: Motivation and Inspiration.

WEEKLY FINDS: Weekly posts on things I have been loving that week. It covers everything from blog posts, playlists to videos and even products, items I purchased.

LISTS: This one is more like a category which is filled with all types of list posts I have ever written. From biggest pet peeves to thoughts girls have on their period. Also, one of the most fun type of posts to write.

MONTHLY CHALLENGES: I pick a challenge each month that I try to complete (keyword – try) and let all of you to know how it went. It can be a fitness challenge, it can be a writing challenge, it can be anything you suggest me to try. If you have anything in mind, let me know!

BLOGMAS: Who aren’t familiar with blogmas these days? It’s like vlogmas but in a blog style. Each year I try to post every single day from 1st of December to 25th. Last year I miserably failed…

If you want to work with me, visit my work with me page or contact me. I am always open to new opportunities or suggestions. Before I let you go to wander through The Nerdy Me, I want to let you know that I appreciate every single one of you and I am more than happy to help if you ever need me!

Happy surfing and don’t forget to keep smiling!