14034719_1170960832976465_2524511716006628034_nMy name is Leta and I am here to give you a little sneak peak into my life.

I am enjoying life to the fullest. Well, at least I am attempting to do it while doing piles of homework, studying and ranting about things that infuriate me. Aside from that, I am a ball of sunshine. I love a good humor and comedy in my life. And I am a strong believer in a social equality and human rights.

This blog was founded in 2015 April by yours truly with an aim to share all about my life adventures and motivate people to find their happiness and start living a better life. You will find in this blog snippets into my life, trips, tips and advice posts and, of course, motivational posts.

Now let’s get a bit deeper, shall we?

I was born on the 2nd of January in the beautiful Lithuania. I always been a very cheery and happy child but at the age of 14 or so my life got a bit more complicated. I got social anxiety disorder and let’s just say that it went downhill pretty damn fast. Long story short, I’ve been having panic attacks, felt anxious most of my time and simply didn’t enjoy my life any bit. But at the age of 17 I realized that life isn’t so horrible after all and that I have a power to turn it the way I want it to be. So I started fighting with my demons as kids these days say and tried to become a person I always wished but never was confident enough to be. I am still on the journey towards it. However, I am much more happier and anxiety is a rare guest these days. I do hope that it will stay that way.

Asides from my sad and not very bright time during teenage years, I still managed to live as a simple school girl with few likes and dislikes. I shall list some of them because that what you are most interested in, aren’t you?

I love tea, coffee and a good book. I love walks, traveling and exploring new places. However I struggle with it a bit because of social anxiety. I also do get obsessed with things quite easily, especially if that’s Tv shows or movies we are talking about. Don’t even get me started with TVD, PLL or AHS. It can get craaaazy…

I don’t like people who are rude, like to assume things and aren’t familiar with respect for others. There is nothing more disappointing when a person who discriminates, bullies or disrespects others for their views, beliefs or culture. I won’t tolerate that and most likely give you a lecture if you do any of these things in my sight. I am quite passionate about this subject.

What else can I say? I started this blog one day with the thought ‘why not?’ and that’s one of the best decisions I have ever done in my life. I met so many incredible people and the community is the most fun, inviting and wonderful by all meanings. Thank you to all who popped to my blog or even read a single post, left a comment or just showed their support. I am very happy and do hope to write this blog even when I’ll be old and grey haired. Hopefully, I’ll still be a bit funny.